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Website Acknowledgments
Many individuals have contributed to the development of the our web site, both bcminerals.ca (2010) and MineralsEd.ca (2012). Thank you to the Blue Sky Communications team for designing the new feel (2012) and helping us transition to MineralsEd. We are grateful for all their ideas, advice, information and help.


Adnet Communications Inc. -- for the help of their talented technical staff to take on this big project, and both transitions, for our minerals industry's K-12 school program and their creative solutions to functionality that fell within our budget (Kent Kirby, Bryan Kwon, James Clarke, Art Ney, Craig Paterson, and summer student Geoff Hill).

Kevin Barclay -- for his invaluable advice on web site re-design, modern web site functionality, and the various CMS options.

Michael Looney, Thompson Rivers University -- for his continued interest in our school program and for his valuable advice on redeveloping and managing the web site.

Fiona McQuillan, Geodesign Works -- for advice on surveying our teacher audience and for developing the design for bcminerals.ca.

Dylan Moore, Animator -- for creating the Junior Geologist and Junior Miner characters in the Early Elementary section.

Hunter Dickinson Inc. -- for contributing staff time for the development of both bcminerals.ca and MineralsEd.ca (Fiona McQuillan and Leonie Tomlinson).

Alex Doll, P Eng, AGD Consulting Ltd.-- for his valuable time to provide us with tutorials on the various types of mineral processing.

Aggregate Producers Association of BC -- for sharing images and information on the aggregate mining process.

NVI Mining - Myra Falls Operation -- for sharing images and information on the underground mining process.

Blue Sky Communications -- for all the help and expertise in designing our new look and name: MineralsEd (Katherine Flett, Alice Lara).