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Career Educators
One of MineralsEd's goals is to spark interest among students in minerals industry careers. MineralsEd career resources have been developed to support of teachers who teach Planning 10 or who wish to integrate a careers component in their mining related science or social studies unit. MineralsEd is also a point of contact for helping find placements for students in work experience or career prep programs.

NEW - In addition to the resources below we'd like to call your attention to the newly established Centre of Training Excellence in Mining (CTEM) and their new BC Career Pathways Guidebook: Mining Careers. This resource was developed to provide counsellors, students and others with an easy-to-use guide to career paths and mineral-industry-related training programs available in BC. It includes pathways according to training level, career profiles, core mining programs and related programs in schools around BC. You may request additional copies through info@MineralsEd.ca.

Living the Mining Dream
Living the Mining Dream is an exciting new (2015) series of videos developed by the BC Mining HR Task Force and the Diversity Women Subcommitee to introduce to the work of women in mining. Read More >>>
Investigating Careers in the Minerals Industry
Investigating Careers in the Minerals Industry is a student activity that explores careers in the minerals industry via Explore for More, an online resource developed by the Canadian Mining Industry Human Resources (MIHR) sector council to help address a predicted shortfall of many tens of thousands of people in the industry workforce over the next 10-12 years. Read More >>>
Work Experience Placements
MineralsEd works with high school career facilitators to find placements within the BC minerals industry for students who are enrolled in Work Experience or career-focussed co-op programs. Read More >>>
BC Career Pathways Guidebook: Mining Careers
BC Career Pathways Guidebook: Mining Careers is a new (fall 2014) resource that identifies the many career pathways in mining and post-secondary training programs that support them in BC. Read More >>>
Mining Your Future Planning 10
Mining Your Future is a teaching resource developed in 2011 specifically for Planning 10 developed by the BC HR Task Force to explore modern minerals industry careers. Read More >>>
Mining in British Columbia
This presentation provides a current overview of the minerals industry in BC, sharing information on the locations and numbers of operations, what mining contributes to employment and the economy in the province and Canada, and the wide variety of occupations in the sector. Read More >>>
Careers in the Minerals Industry Video and Folio
This concise classroom resource (video and teacher's folio) developed originally for CAPP 10 introduces career opportunities in the minerals sector. Read More >>>