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Classroom Workshops
Geodude Corner!
Patrick McAndless is Geodude, an engaging and experienced geologist and mentor to young people considering careers in related fields. Read More >>>
Geologist in the Classroom
Bring an exploration geologist to your Earth Science, Geology or Geography classroom. Read More >>>
MineralsEd's "Modern Mining in the Classroom" Class Visits (Select Communities)
MineralsEd is pleased to partner with the BC branch of the Canadian Mineral Processors (CMP) to launch a new classroom visit program in April 2017. Aimed primarily at intermediate classes studying BC's mineral resources and mining. Read More >>>
MineralsEd Kids & Rocks Classroom Workshop (Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley)
MineralsEd teacher-partner Ann Brace, a life-long primary teacher, developed this half-day, hands-on workshop for Grade 1 to Grade 3 students to explore rocks. Read More >>>
Yukon Dan Gold Panning in the Classroom Workshop (Lower Mainland)
Yukon Dan Moore is a world-class gold panner who presents a one-of-a-kind, hands-on workshop in classrooms around BC and across Canada. Read More >>>