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Explore a Career in Earth Science
This web site is one of several Canadian initiatives created under the banner of the International Year of Planet Earth. Explore a Career in Earth Sciences introduces the enormous variety of careers in Earth Sciences. You can find answers to What Can I Be? Where Can I Learn? How Much Will I Earn? and What Is It Like?

Dozens of careers for Earth Scientists are identified (e.g. aerial photograph interpreter, geochronologist, and waste water laboratory technician) who work in sectors as varied as energy, education, the environment, mineral exploration and mining.

Personal profiles of Earth scientists from across Canada give insight into the real work they do every day.

** Video from AGI and NASA about careers in Earth Sciences - Earth is Calling - Will You Answer?

** MineralsEd partner teacher, Jennifer Artibise, a Geology 12 teacher in West Vancouver, developed and has shared a new worksheet based on Earth Sciences Canada career videos. You can download the worksheet here.