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MineralsEd Resource Units
The heart of the MineralsEd school program is a suite of comprehensive, classroom-ready resource units. Each resource unit was written and developed by our experienced partner- and lifelong-teachers to support BC curriculum. Each resource unit comes as a kit that includes an instructional binder and a variety of support materials such as posters, videos, books and hand samples. The elementary resource units are available to teachers and student teachers *only* through half-day instructional workshops.

Pro-D organizers, read more about our MineralsEd Teacher Pro-D & Support!

Unit kits cannot be purchased as stand-alone material. The units have been designed so that the in-service workshops provide adequate instruction and background information that would not be available otherwise. The advantage and value to the workshops is that our partner-teachers deliver them and bring the materials to life, inspiring you to share the materials with your students. They introduce the units, engaging you in many of the creative activities from the binders, familiarize you with the contents of the kit and provide helpful, classroom-tested ideas for implementation.

All of our other units are available for download (free of charge) or by request. Optional supplemental materials that accompany these units can be purchased from us.

MineralsEd also delivers the Discovering Diamonds senior secondary unit as a half-day workshop on behalf of its developer, Mining Matters (a school program similar to MineralsEd, based in Ontario).

Notes on booking a workshop:

- Workshops can be booked anywhere in BC, district or school based pro-d, or any other time that is suitable.
- Units delivered by our partner-teachers who inspire and bring the materials to life.
- Added value through invited local industry guests (where possible).
- Minimum of 8 participants per workshop (10 for K-3).
- Pre-registration required. No drop-ins.
- $50 per teacher registration fee.

To discuss opportunities for workshops in your area, please phone the MineralsEd office at 604-682-5477 or drop us a line at . We look forward to working with you to bring these unique resources to your teachers!