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Get Involved
Click on any of the titles to expand each section. These links are intended to provide you with upcoming or on-going opportunities to get involved in something related to the BC's minerals industry.

MineralsEd Secondary Students Career Exploration Day at Roundup 2017
For the fourteenth year in a row, Minerals will host a career exploration day for secondary students at Mineral Exploration Roundup on Monday, January 23, 2017. MineralsEd extends a special invitation to all secondary students interested in learning more about the modern minerals industry and careers it offers.

Take a look at last year's program in pictures!

Please note that students must be nominated by a teacher to attend.

Attendance also requires that a parent/guardian of each student sign a Consent & Media Release. Click here to download the Consent & Media Release Form.

Location: Mineral Exploration Roundup, Vancouver Convention Centre East (Canada Place), Vancouver

Deadline: January 13, 2017
High School Work Experience
You may be thinking about what you want to do when you finish high school and start down a path to your career, but you may not have thought about where you could actually work. The modern minerals industry is broad-based, multi-disciplinary and requires individuals with vastly different talents and skills.

MineralsEd works with high school career facilitators to find placements within the BC minerals industry for students who are enrolled in Work Experience or career-focussed co-op programs. If you would like to venture into the minerals sector for your work experience, ask your teacher to contact MineralsEd Director, , 604-682-5477.

For more information on Work Experience Placements go to our Geoscience and Mining Careers section. You can also direct your teacher or career counselor to the Career Educators section.
Where Challenge 2015
What on Earth is your stuff made of? And WHERE on Earth does it come from? Answer these questions in this Canada-wide contest (ages 9-14) by telling a story about any object in your home or school, the one or more non-renewable Earth resources needed to create it, and WHERE on Earth these resources come from!

Both individuals and classes can participate. Entries of all creative types are welcome, but all entries must be submitted in a digital form.

For information and guidelines visit: www.earthsciencescanada.com/where

Entry Deadline: March 11, 2015

Cox Station Quarry Tour for Work Experience and SSAP Students, Spring 2015
MineralsEd is partnering with Abbotsford aggregate producer, Mainland Sand & Gravel and Rempel Brothers concrete plant, to host a tour for secondary students to their Cox Station Quarry in spring 2015 (date to be announced). This is a great opportunity to learn firsthand about about mineral resource extraction, its role in the province, and the diversity of skilled workers who are part of this natural resource sector.

Take a look at last year's field trip to Copper Mine Mine in pictures!

Please note that students must be nominated by a teacher to attend.

Learn more and download the registration and permission forms that are required to participate here. Students must be nominated by their teachers to participate.

Date: Spring 2015 TBA
Deadline: Spring 2015 TBA