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Geo Global Live Earthquakes Map Global Incident Map Link Free A map with live feed updates of every earthquake in the world.
Geo Science News for Kids Science News for Kids Link Free A great to keep up to date with the most recent Earth science news and discoveries.
Geo Pyroclastic Volcanism USGS Link Free A video and annotated slideshow on pyroclastic volcanism.
Geo Volcano World Oregon State University and NASA Link Free Oregon State University and NASA's online information, images and field trips to NA volcanoes.
Geo Geography for Kids Geography for Kids Link Free About the Earth, soil and the magnetic field
Geo Life of a Vertebrate Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History Link Free The Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History's interactive feature that depicts the step by step process of recovering, identifying, dating and determining the significance of a fossil bone discovery.
Geo Virtual Dinosaur Dig Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History Link Free The Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History's interactive feature that demonstrates how dinosaur fossils are discovered, uncovered, transported and assembled for display.
Geo Mineralogy for Kids Mineralogical Society of America Link Free Site for student research on minerals: mineral groups, mineral games, minerals in your home, all about crystals, the rock cycle.
Geo Identification of Common Rocks BC MEM Link Free A BC MEM excellent publication introducing to the three main rock types with good pictures.
Geo Infant Underwater Volcano Our Amazing Planet Link Free Discovery of a new volcano that has formed near the Canary Islands.
Geo BBC Rocks BBC Lessons & Activities Free Interactive and informative website that explains the rock cycle and other information about rocks.
Geo Crystals Exploring Earth Mulit-Media; Lessons & Activities Free This website displays videos and animations on how crystals grow.
Geo Rockhounding in BC BCGS Mulit-Media; Lessons & Activities Free Printable guide for the beginner rockhound
Geo OZ Fossils Interactive Games OZ Fossils Multi-Media Free Excellent information and a cool fossil digging game.
Geo Interactive Rock Cycle Interactives Multi-Media Free Simple explanation of the rock cycle with animations of related geological processes.
Geo Three Types of Rocks BBC Multi-Media Free Very Cool Interactive video animation of where the different rock types form.
Geo Mineral Memory Game Government of Manitoba Minerals Education Division Multi-Media Free Fun memory game to match pictures of minerals
Geo Kimberlite Animation DiamondEx/ Fiona McQuillan Multi-Media Free Excellent animation and interactive activity developed by graphic designer Fiona McQuillan explaining diamond formation and exploration.
Geo Earth Science Picture of the Day NASA Multi-Media Free NASA developed, online catalogue of well-described images from around the world.
Geo Earth Science World Image Bank American Geological Institute Multi-Media Free American Geological Institute's online catalogue of geology images for educational use.
Geo Lithoprobe Photos and Graphics Lithoprobe Multi-Media Free Photos and graphics that depict and explain Canada's geologic and tectonic makeup
Geo Volcano Hazards Program USGS Multi-Media Free USGS volcano watch site including webcam on Mount St. Helens and information on Mount Baker.
Geo Volcano Explorer Discovery Kids Multi-Media Free Fun, interactive game where students can build their own virtual volcano.
Geo; Mining Popular Geoscience Facts Geological Association of Canada Link Free Lists of popular geoscience facts
Mining Water treatment plan at Britannia Historical Mine EPCOR Link Free As part of the reclamation process of this historical mine, EPCOR operates a water treatment plant.
Mining Science North and Dynamic Earth Science North Link Free Interactive learning about exploration and two quizzes on mining in Canada and mineral exploration in the context of Sudbury Ontario.
Mining Brenda Mines, BC Historical Brenda Mines Link Free Concise information on the history of this 20-year mine and its special reclamation activities
Mining Silver in Sports Curiocity.ca Link Free The use of silver in sports
Mining Minerals in Sport USGS Link Free Minerals used in sports
Mining What is aggregate Aggregate Producers Association of BC Link Free Learn about aggregate and it uses in every day life
Mining Stained Glass Kokomo Opalescent Glass Link Free Learn how glass is made in this online tour
Mining Minerals and Their Uses Science Views Link Free Minerals and metals A-Z and ways they are used
Mining Copper.org Copper Development Association Link Free Everything you have ever wanted to know about copper and the uses of this invaluable resource in our world.
Mining Salt - uses in Canada Sifto Canada Link Free Sifto Canada tells how salt forms, how it is mined, and how it is used.
Mining Salt uses Windsor Salt Link Free Windsor Salt tells how salt is used
Mining Zinc American Zinc Assocation Link Free Everything you have ever wanted to know about zinc and the uses of this invaluable resource in our world.
Mining Nickel Nickel Institute Link Free Everything you have ever wanted to know about nickel and the uses of this invaluable resource in our world.
Mining Evolution of Mining Trucks Komatsu Multi-Media Free A photograph developed by Komatsu Mining Systems that depicts the evolution of mining trucks from 1950 to 2000.
Mining Drill and Blast Cycle Geological Association of Canada Multi-Media Free A video animation that demonstrates the steps involved in making a tunnel when mining for resources. Look for it under the Mining Methods tab.
Mining Mining Photogallery MineralsEd Multi-Media Free A compilation of photographs of the different steps of the mining process. This section is still under development. Feel free to browse the sections that have been completed.
Mining Cariboo Gold Rush BC Heritage Multi-Media Free Online, interactive resource for students and a special teachers' corner with lessons and activities.
Mining Mining the Motherlode Wells Historical Socienty/ Wells Museum Multi-Media Free Wells Historical Socienty's and Wells Museum's online resources about the historical gold rush that built their community near Barkerville. Wells, BC. Educators' Corner includes lessons for Gr. 5 and Gr. 10, a Teachers' Resource Guide to Wells, plus interactive Kid's Corner.
Mining Visit the Coal Mine Chicago Museum of Science and Industry Multi-Media Free Complete underground coal mine tour via video clips and small slide shows
Mining Virtual Quarry Mineral Products Association Multi-Media Free Interactive, animations, photos and video
Mining Marble Quarry 360 Cities Multi-Media Free Panoramic view, Italy
Mining Minerals in Your House Mineralogical Society of America - Mineralogy 4 Kids Multi-Media Free Interactive site to learn about minerals found in everyday objects
Mining Ore to More Kennecott Utah Copper Multi-Media Free Kennecott Utah Copper has created a highly entertaining and relevant 6-minute video depicting how we mine and process copper and the need of copper in our everyday lives. You will love it!
Mining Imagine Life Without ImagineLifeWithout.org Multi-Media Free Another video and website depicting how intricately dependant we are on copper for our life to be the way it is in modern society. Be Curious!
Mining Imagina la Vida Sin ImaginalaVidaSin.org Multi-Media Free (Imangine Life Without, Spanish version) Otro video y pagina web que explica que tanto y como dependemos del cobre para que nuestra vida pueda ser como es en la sociedad moderna. Se curioso!
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