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Mineral Development Process
Mining Methods
Drill and Blast Cycle This video animation developed by Sandvik illustrates the steps involved in making a large tunnel such as one made to be used by cars or trains, or for mining underground. Download the explanations.
Open Pit Mining Open pit mining refers to extracting a mineral resource at Earth's surface, commonly forming a roughly circular hole. Mining in a pit progresses downward; in hard rock mines the walls of the pit are a series of stepped benches. The size, shape, orientation and grade of the deposit determine the size and shape of a pit. Open Pit Mining Slideshow Iron Ore Mining, Processing and Transportation Animation. Click on the menu and camera icon to view videos of real operations.
Underground Mining Underground Mining Slideshow
Images and information courtesy of NVI Mining - Myra Falls Operation, Vancouver Island
Underground Coal Mining Animations developed by Sandvik Tamrock demonstrate four different underground mining methods: Quarrying Quarrying is a type of mining that does not require complex processing. It includes the extraction of loose sand and gravel (aggregate), many industrial minerals (e.g. gypsum), and dimension stone, that is whole rocks extracted for building material and construction. Quarrying is a way in which large blocks of rock are wedged loose or sawed out of a deposit that lies near the surface. Chains and pulleys are used to lift the blocks from the pit. Miners quarry rock materials such as marble, sandstone, limestone, granite, and slate. Gravel and sand are also said to be quarried, even though the process is more like open pit mining. Crushed Aggregate Quarrying Granite Dimension Stone Quarrying
Mineral Processing
The kind of processing required to separate valuable minerals and metals from waste rock depends on the type of mineral resource and its properties.
Copper Flotation Slideshow
Heap Leaching
Cyanide Leaching
Gravity Separation
Magnetic Separation
Processing Iron Ore
Processing Coal
Mining in Canada