(MineralsEd Partner Teachers, from left to right: Roxie Giles, Bruce Kiloh, and Patty Kiloh)


This year we celebrate the 5th anniversary of hosting the Natural Resources in Vancouver Harbour Cruise! This unique Professional Development opportunity takes teachers a boat tour of the port to give them a view of this natural resource hub via industry expert representatives. Roxie Giles, a MineralsEd Partner Teacher, in her 5th year of helping host the event and has shared her thoughts on the day.


As a retired teacher, I very much recall Pro-D experiences. The one provided by MineralsEd stands alone -not only is it “one of a kind”, it's one of the finest. MineralsEd does many things well, but “blowing their own horn” is not one, so I have asked this press release come your way. Thank you for supporting this annual event.

Sincerely Roxie Giles Retired Teacher, SD # 45 (West Vancouver)


On Friday, October 19th, 40,000 teachers throughout the province will be studying ways to implement new curriculum, engaging in dialogue with fellow educators, and promoting their desire to continue to be life-long learners. Sixty of these teachers will be charting a new learning curve as they participate in the MineralsEd field trip – the Natural Resources in Vancouver Harbour Cruise. Aboard the Harbour Princess these teachers will learn directly from people working in the waterfront operations in Burrard Inlet about their important work in the Port of Vancouver.

For the past 5 years, MineralsEd, an educational organization dedicated to Earth Science, mineral resources and mining education in school has organized this unique professional development opportunity. Thirteen representatives from harbour operations and the Port of Vancouver will join this group of elementary and secondary school teachers on the 4 hour tour, introducing teachers, many for the first time, to BC’s and Canada’s natural resources and resource industries and the importance of the port in global trade.

The aim is to dialogue with teachers, sharing where the resources come from, what they are used for, where they are being shipped, and the impact of these resources on the economy. With this chance to see first- hand and ask questions on the spot, the teachers digest and take this information and insight back into their classrooms to be shared with students.