Summer is winding down and the start date for the 2018/2019 school year is in sight! All summer long, our team has been gearing up to support teachers and students throughout the upcoming school year.

Our team collected samples throughout the summer, across the Lower Mainland. Whether it was going out to Abbotsford to dig for sandstone and conglomerate at Kilgard Quarry, or up to North Van to hunt for granite, we have been on the move.

MineralsEd team member, Tea, has been hard at work washing, breaking to size, labeling, and bagging all of these rock samples. The rock samples become part of the kits we supply to teachers in our professional development workshops. Physical rocks to see, scratch, and sniff are especially helpful for tactual-kinesthetic learners and connect units on geosciences and mining to a tangible item.

In the name of Earth Sciences, Tea has processed over 120 support packages full of posters, books, and other resources; 132 rock kits consisting of 4,032 rock samples. Beyond rock processing, Tea has prepared all the products that support our workshops and field trips for the upcoming school year.

We wish all the best for Tea as she enters her second year at SFU in Earth Sciences! She truly is a Rock Star!