Virtual Junior Geologist Workshop

In this 90-minute Virtual Workshop, students will be introduced to rocks and minerals, and the rock cycle. Students will learn why rocks and minerals are non-renewable natural resources, the uses of minerals in everyday life, rock types, and the rock cycle. They will also have the chance for hands-on learning by investigating the physical properties of rocks and minerals using the same techniques as real geologists. By the end of this workshop, your students will be a "Junior Geologist"! 

There are two programs to choose from:

  • The Rock Cycle - Minerals in everyday life; BC mineral resources; rock properties; the rock cycle.
  • Rocks and Minerals - Minerals in everyday life; BC mineral resources; rock and mineral properties; mineral identification.

Curriculum Subjects: Science, Social Studies

Grade Levels: 4-5

Length: 90-minutes

Cost: $5/student; minimum $120/workshop

Partner Teacher Presenters: Wanda Pickell & Andrea Eisler

AV Requirements: Stable internet connection, computer, microphone, projector

Please do not register on behalf of another teacher. Contact us at to book multiple workshops for your school!  

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