Elementary Rockhound Day at Mineral Exploration Roundup 2020

MineralsEd and the Association for Mineral Exploration (AME) are working together to bring elementary students Mineral Exploration Roundup 2019, held at the Vancouver Convention Centre West on January 22th, 2020. The AME’s annual Roundup conference is a premier gathering of exploration geologists, prospectors, and the many mining, consulting and investment companies and individuals who play a role in discovering and developing mineral resources. 

On Wednesday, January 22, 2020 four intermediate classes will attend Roundup to learn about rocks, minerals, exploration and mining. At the conference they will meet with professionals working in the mineral exploration industry, and participate in several hands-on learning activities. In preparation to attend Roundup, these students developed geoscience, mineral exploration and mining projects for display at the conference, and took part in a supportive field trip to a geoscience or mining destination.

If you are interested in having your class participate in the future, email info@mineralsed.ca.