Pro-D Teacher Field Trips

Every year MineralsEd works with groups and individuals to provide Pro-D mining and geology field trips for teachers. Browse MineralsEd Field Trip photo galleries here. If you would like to arrange a teacher field trip in your area, contact MineralsEd at

Natural Resources in Vancouver Harbour Cruise

As we increasingly become city dwellers, our familiarty with the land and its natural resources becomes more vague. A visit to Vancouver Harbour lets us see and appreciate the significance of Canada's natural resources to jobs, the economy and global trade. This is a great opportunity for teachers at all grade levels.

Rocky Mountain Geotour

Fault and folds, minerals formed by undersea volcanoes, old rocks resting atop young rocks, limestones with fossils from ancient seas long gone. This Pro-D field trip into the Rocky Mountains is placed-based, nature-learning to enhance Earth Science, Environmental Science, Geography, and related units, which students at all grade levels enjoy.