All-ages: Yukon Dan Gold Panning

Yukon Dan Moore is a world champion gold panner who presents a one-of-a-kind, gold panning workshop in classrooms at all grade levels. His workshop supports science and social studies relating to Earth Science, geology, natural resources, the history of BC, and the history of Canada.

Yukon Dan's workshops are 75-85 minutes long and can accommodate up to 30 students. He brings two portable, gravel-lined "streams" for panning and a marvelous display of panning equipment and gold nuggets to examine. Students rotate through three work stations: panning for gold, heavy mineral examination and magnetic mineral separation, and a mining word search (secondary) or gold panner colouring sheet (elementary).

Cost: $7 per student with a minimum charge is $210 per workshop.

To arrange a workshop phone or email Dan directly at (604) 948-4941 or

Teachers may apply for a MineralsEd Subsidy to support this workshop by completing the form below. 

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