Geodude Corner

Patrick McAndless, aka Geodude, is a veteran industry geologist and valued MineralsEd rock star. In his retirement, Mr. McAndless has devoted his energy and attention to education of youth, from post-secondary to elementary, sharing his passion for Earth Science and mining and inspring young people to be the best they can be. 

Mr. McAndless is a knowledgeable and engaging speaker who has a growing repertoire of classroom presentations, each adapted to 60-90-minute period depending on the class schedule. Mr. McAndless offer his presentations as webinars for classes outside of the Lower Mainland.

  • Careers in Mining


    Careers in Mining is developed for secondary level. It gives a big picture introduction to the mine development cycle and the breadth of careers related to mining, the energy sector and the environmental industry. Students will also learn a set of practical tools to prepare them for the next step in their journey, whether higher education or working. This presentation is an appropriate complement to Geography 12, Geology 12 and Earth Science 11 and 12 classes. Careers in Mining may be presented as a Webinar to distant schools via Skype.

  • Rocks to Rockets


    Rocks to Rockets is developed for Grade 4-5-6-7 classes that are doing mining or Earth Science units. It provides a snapshot of Earth history, a review of the rock cycle, a fabulous tie to mining via an introduction to the (funky and sought after) elements that are commonly the target of mining and key ingredients in the things that make our world go around.

  • Its About Time


    Its About Time explores the concept of time as it applies to our Earth and the application and techniques to measure it. The presentation takes the class back in time to the beginnings of life on Earth and how it evolved from single cell organisms to present day plants and animals. They will see examples of human evolution and some of the important civilizations that contributed to our modern era. From the early beginnings of man some 6 million years ago in Africa, the presentation will bring the rich culture and artifacts from the Mesopotamian to Inca civilizations.

  • What on Earth


    What on Earth is a journey to the four corners of the Earth to discover it’s natural beauty and wonders. First we investigate Earth’s origins, it’s composition and dynamic processes. Then we move to the fascinating array of life, from single-celled organisms to how humans fit into the evolution of life on Earth. Finally, we go on a globetrotting tour of ecosystems and environments, encompassing both the expected and the unusual.

  • Discovering Your Brand


    Discovering Your Brand is a basic guide for grade six and seven elementary school students to discover and develop their personal brand. Emphasis is placed on how their brand will create value and make a difference in the community through activities such as volunteering. The student learns what a personal brand is and why it is important to have an identity that is unique in a way that creates value in their community. By creating a personal brand, the student takes inventory of their skills, strengths, values, passions and goals. Using their inventory outcomes, they then create a brand name, logo, photo and slogan to be presented in a classroom blog or individually. This presentation was developed for grades 6,7 and up.

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