Guest Speakers

MineralsEd offers several fantastic guest speaker programs available by request.

Geologist in the Classroom

Geologists from the mineral exploration and mining industry team up with MineralsEd during the school year to visit your classroom to present on rocks and minerals, plate tectonics, mineral exploration and mining. Classes that are learning about Earth Science, mineral resources, exploration and mining, or careers in the minerals industry get first hand knowledge from a professional within the industry. Experienced, interesting and engaging, these Geologists enjoy sharing their knowledge and passion for these subjects. Availability subject to individual work schedules.

Geodude Corner

Patrick McAndless, aka Geodude, is a veteran industry geologist and valued MineralsEd rock star. In his retirement, Mr. McAndless has devoted his energy and attention to education of youth, from post-secondary to elementary, sharing his passion for Earth Science and mining and inspring young people to be the best they can be. 

Mr. McAndless is a knowledgeable and engaging speaker who has a growing repertoire of classroom presentations, each adapted to 60-90-minute period depending on the class schedule. Mr. McAndless offer his presentations as webinars for classes outside of the Lower Mainland.

Modern Mining in the Classroom

MineralsEd partners with the BC branch of the Canadian Mineral Processors to provide this guest speaker program during the month of April in lead up to BC Mining Month in May. The presentations are 60-90 minutes depending on the class schedule, and are designed to support Grade 4-5-6 students that are doing mining units in their classrooms.